posted on: July 3, 2015

1-driftwoods2-beach-fort-3 3-driftwood 4-fort-beach-2 5-rings-blake 6-fort

We found this magical little beach called Double Bluff on Whidbey Island where driftwood castles were scattered all over. I couldn’t get “Where the Wild Things Are” out of my head, especially with our nephew running around, exploring all the secret hideouts. Everything from the desolate landscape to the overcast skies added to this dreamlike effect – we’ll definitely be visiting again.


posted on: July 1, 2015



This is what lazy days are all about. If you work full-time, you most likely appreciate comfort-wear involving some kind of sweats and sandals. And if not, then I’m not so sure you’re being completely honest with yourself.

 1 necklace | 2 cami | 3 shopper | 4 sliders | 5 joggers | 6 jacket


posted on: June 29, 2015


The new apartment is finally starting to come together. Besides purging all unnecessary clutter, the best part about moving is bringing my favorite decor pieces into a new space and finding a completely different way for them to mingle together. It reminds me of how much these beloved items actually mean to me, whether they be sentimental or a simple reflection of my personal style.

2-kelly-wearstler 3-kelly-wearstler-1 4-kelly-wearstler

Once my staples are comfortably settled in their new home, I love filling in the gaps with fresh accents. This kind of hunting is pure joy to me. As soon as my vision is in place, I refuse to rest until the mission is complete!

5-kelly-wearstler 6-kelly-wearstler

That being said, I’ve been searching for several design solutions and Kelly Wearstler keeps popping up. Her funky twist on modern chic is really catching my eye these days. Although I am not nearly as bold, Kelly’s work consistently inspires me to push the envelope.


posted on: June 26, 2015

1-aloe 2-warmth 3-obi-sunbathing 4-cactus 5-fire-sunset-4

Happy Weekend xx


posted on: June 24, 2015


Last month I went on my first whale watching tour. But this wasn’t just any typical boat ride – we traveled 3 hours out into Puget Sound, surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery and wildlife. I had no idea how gorgeous this place would be until we were on the water, just south of the Canadian border.

orcas-2 orcas-3 orcas-4

It had been raining that morning, but by the time we set out, the air was crisp and the light was perfect. I knew there was no guarantee we’d actually see Orcas, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but luckily, we came across an entire pod late in the afternoon. It was almost surreal to see these animals in the wild, swimming so close to us. I may or may not have shed a few happy tears.

orcas-5 orcas-6

Needless to say, I’m forever spoiled by this experience and don’t think I’ll go on another whale watching tour unless I know for a fact, I’ll see a family of Orcas pass by.


posted on: June 22, 2015


It’s officially summer, so naturally, I’m looking for every excuse to spend time outdoors. Dining al fresco is always a good idea, especially in San Diego. You just can’t go wrong with a sunny combo of all things light, fresh, citrus, and floral.

chair | mimosa | dahlia | berries | place setting


posted on: June 12, 2015

1-sail 2-cinnamon-daffodil 3-thumper-bud6-grandma-vine5-cinnamon-14-dock-bud

For Memorial Day weekend, R and I visited family in Washington. We spent 3 days on beautiful Whidbey Island where the flowers were just starting to bloom and the sun didn’t go down until 9pm. It’s always nice getting out of town, but traveling to the quiet coast of Washington was just what I needed. One of my favorite things about traveling up north are the deer that stop by my in-laws’ for an apple at least once a day. They are so sweet, especially the one pictured above – his name is Cinnamon :) When you can be that close to nature, there’s simply no more room for stress from the daily grind. Somehow it just seems to melt away.


posted on: June 10, 2015


Midcentury modern design always puts me in a good mood, but Jonathan Adler‘s idea of “happy chic” is on a another level.


From pottery to home furnishings, Mr. Adler knows how to completely own a room. The way he layers funky patterns and unexpected colors inspires me to be a little more adventurous with my own home decor. It’s more about trusting your instincts in finding unique ways to create a cohesive look, rather than simply playing it safe.


As soon as we move into our new digs, I hope to experiment with different eras, play up texture, and be less cautious with my design decisions in general. Wish me luck!


posted on: June 8, 2015

1-loner-sunset 2-fronds 3-blue-wall 4-peace 5-stone

My weekend was on the busier side, but a little mid-afternoon chill time with Obi seemed to balance it all out. Between a get-together at the beach and a quick trip to LA, Ryan and I still managed to sign a lease on a new apartment. We’re super excited about this slightly upgraded space – details and photos are on the way!


posted on: June 5, 2015

young-bulb-1 young-bulb-2young-bulb-3young-bulb-4 young-bulb-5 young-bulb-6

Late one night a few weeks ago, I heard an old Dinosaur Jr. song on the radio and long-forgotten memories washed over me like a tidal wave. Isn’t it crazy how a single song can completely transport you back to another time in your life? I guess all the little details that seem to fade away actually hide somewhere in the back of our minds, just waiting for the opportunity to creep up again. They apparently love music, but scents can be pretty powerful, too. In honor of these re-awakened thoughts and feelings, I put together a playlist, reminiscent of earlier days for me:

01  The Matyr | Cursive
02  Some Red-Handed Sleight of Hand | Cursive
03  Tired of Sex | Weezer
05  All the Time | Rx Bandits
06  The Recluse | Cursive
07  Feel the Pain | Dinosaur Jr.
08  Speakers Push the Air | Pretty Girls Make Graves
09  Babylon | Rx Bandits
10  Pressure | Company of Thieves