February 10, 2016


From one coast to the other, I’ve always lived near water. I can’t imagine life any other way. Other parts of the country are beautiful, I know, but the thought of being landlocked for any extended period of time makes me feel a little claustrophobic. I wonder if I just manifest this anxiety or if it’s really a thing. Can my body actually tell when it’s too far from the ocean?


Anyway, these gorgeous paintings by Brynn Weiermiller whisper sweet nothings to my sea-loving heart.


Monochrome abstract art, combined with nature at it’s finest. I can’t get over her amazing sense of light and dark. From the ever-changing movement to the millions of different textures, everything is so realistically detailed. And each piece breathes an entirely new life when you take step back.


If you’re like me and appreciate all things water, spend a little time at Beckoning Art. You’ll be mesmerized, then simply head over heels in love.


February 8, 2016


Meet Baby Asher, Rella‘s cousin and Bryn’s new boyfriend. Isn’t he handsome?


Even though Asher was born just 3 weeks before Bryn, he’s almost double her size! Such a boy.


This not-so-little sweetheart posed for me all afternoon last weekend, flashing his gorgeous baby blues and crazy long lashes!


I was lucky enough to catch a few sweet moments between Asher and his pretty mama, Caitlin. They’re super cute together ;)


I couldn’t get over Asher’s little man clothes! I’m so used to girl stuff, I never realized just how adorable a mini button-down could be. Can’t wait to watch this little guy grow through future photos with his beautiful family. Thanks for being the perfect model, Asher Ryan!


February 5, 2016


birdseye | umbrella | clay plates | tinted glass | amaryllis | smoke | citrus | painting | cactus

Ryan and I have been binge watching murder documentaries, which I usually love, but the last few in particular kinda got under my skin. I think I need a cleanse from all the creepiness. So this is me replacing some of the more disturbing thoughts with a bright color palette and a fun weekend playlist. Enjoy!

01  One Girl/One Boy | !!!
02  Jealous | Chromeo
03  Music is My Hot, Hot Sex | CSS
04  Dont You | Danglo
05  Take ‘Em Up | Shit Robot
06  Got it Bad | Leisure
07  Bloom | ODESZA
08  You Came Out | We Have Band
09  Always Forever | Cults
10  Magic Spells | Crystal Castles


February 3, 2016


Long, long ago, I went platinum blonde. Part of me misses those wilder days – young and carefree with zero adult responsibilities. I loved the statement and still do, but let’s just say it didn’t end so well. After years of touching up my own roots (cringe!), the peroxide finally caught up to me and fried my fun hair :(

I just wonder if I were to go about it the right way, and put my trust in a professional, could my dream of beachy blondeness survive?


My stylist would probably veto this idea 100%, but just for fun, I’d ask for cool white, a step above platinum to avoid any straw-like yellow tones. The brassiness is what leads to tacky, in my opinion. Some people, like my aunt, can make snow white work. Whether she wore her hair straight and parted down the middle or in a tight bun, she always pulled it off looking glam.

Chances are I’ll stick with my more subtle natural color for now, but I will most definitely be embracing my silver fox status years down the road.

5-platinum 6-marilyn-monroe-alfred-eisenstaedt

This desire to go super blonde again kinda came out of nowhere. I’m not really sure what inspired the push, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Khaleesi had something to do with it. And Marilyn, always.

01  |  02  |  03  |  04  |  05


February 1, 2016


Despite the fact that I consider myself somewhat of a neurotic planner, it was my idea to keep our baby’s gender a surprise. At first I thought it would be more fun to guess, wonder, and dream about our soon-to-be son or daughter for 9 months, but in reality, it drove me cuckoo crazy! I wanted to know, I HAD to know at one point, but finally decided to just wait it out. When I commit to something, that’s it – it becomes more of a test of willpower for better or worse.

Ryan didn’t seem to mind either way. He just couldn’t believe that I, of all people, would voluntarily keep a huge secret from myself for an extended period of time. He even suggested we find out at the next ultrasound just to ease my mind, but by then I had already made it so far, I couldn’t cave. Besides, we had already told too many people about it and bets were on.


When we told people about our secret, some loved the idea and thought it was great, saying, “There are so few surprises in life these days,” and “It will be so worth the wait.” Others thought it didn’t make any sense and were almost mad about it – ha! I guess they’re either truly neurotic planners or simply don’t have the willpower ;)

We also heard every old wive’s tale imaginable. Not only are they all ridiculous, but most of them contradicted themselves. I still can’t get over how serious people were when they’d share their theories. Silliness.


Anyway, I believed Baby Fisher was a boy for most of my pregnancy until about 6 months in and then started second-guessing myself. Everywhere I looked, someone either recently had a baby boy or was expecting one very soon. There seemed to be a huge imbalance in 2015’s babies, so I figured someone I know must be having a girl, just to even out the statistics.

When the doctor announced that Bryn was in fact a girl, I was a little surprised but with only one other alternative, it wasn’t all that shocking. It’s a 50/50 guess and half of everyone who voted ended up being right.


Not knowing if there was a little boy or girl on the way was kinda fun and exciting, but I honestly don’t think I’d do it again. It made a little more sense for the first one when we didn’t know what to expect whatsoever, but I probably will not torture myself like that next time around. Maybe I’ll go in the exact opposite direction and let my inner-planner throw a reveal party… We shall see ;)


January 29, 2016


For so long, early morning light was my favorite time of day for photos. I may not have always been awake for it, but if I ever had the chance to go out with my camera during the blue hour, I’d snap away at the cool colors and focus on the dewy newness of everything. I love the quiet and calm of it all and that fresh air always wakes up the senses. There’s something so inspiring about starting my day with hot coffee and being creative before anything else.


But lately I’ve found myself waiting for those perfect late afternoon shadows, when everything the sun touches is warm and glowing. Just before the winter day sets, this golden hour reminds us to wind down for the evening, have dinner, get cozy and relax.


Two very different vibes, but both times of day have their own undeniable way of calling my name. Sometimes I even feel guilty when I see how beautifully the light hits my living room window, and I immediately wish I had made time for photos that day. Or if I take Bryn for a walk and don’t bother to bring my camera – those are the days when I find the prettiest setups in nature, things that I’d never be able to replicate.

I guess I’ll always be chasing light in some way, but there are worse things in life. Happy Friday!


January 27, 2016


As trendy as they may be, these hanging wall weaves have stolen my heart. Not only do I want one for my home, but I want to learn how to make it myself. I have no idea when I’ll find the time to pick up this new hobby, but it has officially been added to my to do list. Here are a couple not-so-simple DIYs from A Beautiful Mess and Honestly WTF.


I’m not as drawn to plain macramé, but more so the fringe and thick, billowy cotton textures. Both geometric shapes and asymmetrical designs work, but whenever I get around to creating my own piece, I’ll probably go for an organic woven style like this:


I’m obsessed with Jeannie Helzer‘s style (above), you must check out her gorgeous work!


And this mother of all wall weaves belongs in Bryn’s bedroom, no question.

01  |  02  |  03  |  04  |  05  |  06


January 25, 2016


Most of us can agree that some level of anxiety comes with the responsibility of having a baby. Concerns that I could never have even imagined before becoming a parent now pop into my head on a regular basis. I do my best to keep these worries reasonable (if that’s even possible as a new mom), but I’m finding this new focus of attention has left little room for the petty things that used to bother me. It feels like a weight has been lifted and I can finally let go of the social anxieties that once held me back. I guess I just don’t have time for that crap anymore!


The things I deal with today make my pre-baby problems seem so ridiculous and exhausting. I’d drive myself crazy over the smallest details that nobody else would have ever noticed. I’d jump to conclusions and believe all the negative things I thought about myself. I wasted so much energy on stupid ideas that really didn’t matter.


Thankfully, Bryn is perfectly healthy but her future well-being and happiness has put everything in perspective for me. While this tiny person may be the center of my world at the moment, she’s actually helping me find balance in every other aspect of my life. Baby girl has already taught me so much about myself and I know we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.


January 22, 2016


Golden hour at San Diego Zoo is worth checking out if you’re in town. The colors are gorgeous and most of the animals are just waking up from their siestas. The flamingos are fun at anytime though, always social and showing off their diva-like status. Serious eye candy for me!

2-flamingo 3-flamingo 4-flamingo 5-flamingo 6-flamingo 7-flamingo

At the main entrance of the zoo, the flamingos are the first exhibit you see (or hear). I feel like they were put here intentionally to get all the kids amped up straight out of the gates. There’s so much energy around that bright pink and black combo, and everybody loves those funny legs! I took way too many pics of these pink ladies, but I think they like the attention.


January 20, 2016


If you ever get the chance, check out Iris, a documentary featuring style icon and couture collector, Iris Apfel. I immediately recognized her from the Bill Cunningham piece I saw a few months back on Netflix. You can’t miss this woman’s signature style – everything is over-the-top, but in the chicest way possible, and those big round rimmed glasses are basically her logo for the household name she’s become.

Iris may be in her 90’s, but she is unstoppable when it comes to expressing her creative side. A very successful career in interior design gave her the freedom to bring spaces to life with color, texture, and pattern. She approaches clothing the same way, focusing on the details and accessories that mingle together to build an entirely unique look. Everything she touches is a work of art that tells a story. She says, “Life is grey and dull, so you might as well have fun when you dress.”


Iris also enjoys the digging and finding, the satisfaction of the hunt, which I can totally relate to. Anyone can buy high fashion, but truly knowing what works is instinctual. Iris says, “With me it’s not intellectual, it’s all gut.” and “There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”

The reason I am so fascinated with Iris is that she knows who she is and isn’t afraid of it. I feel like some people say things like this or even believe it about themselves, but she’s actually living it every day, never doubting herself for a second. It’s her confidence that is so inspiring to me. She simply enjoys playing dress-up and doesn’t think twice about how she’ll be perceived – a true individual. We should all probably take a lesson from Ms. Apfel and do whatever it may be that brings us pure joy and forget the rest.

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