February 4, 2014

cinque terre : dal billy

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While exploring Cinque Terre’s Manarola, I asked a few locals if they had any restaurant recommendations. Without hesitation, everyone said “Dal Billy”. And when I asked about directions, they simply pointed up a hill. So Ryan and I set out to find this mysterious place that is apparently, “the best”. Not to say that we weren’t eating well up until this point. We had been indulging in the most amazing bread dipped in olive oil, fresh seafood of all kinds, and of course, delectable gelato. But we had found these little cafes by chance, so now with a specific destination in mind, we were ready to dive into what sounded like a very promising, authentic Italian meal.

So up the (very steep) hill we went. It was hot and we were tired, but it all sounded too good to pass up. We were winding in and out of narrow walkways between buildings, until we saw a sign, with an arrow confirming that we were in fact, traveling in the right direction! A few moments later, R and I found ourselves standing at the edge of this massive hill, Dal Billy’s tables resting on the cliffside, soaking in the warm sun and a spectacular ocean view. Relieved, we smiled and held up two fingers, the universal translation for “table for two, please”. And then the adorable busboy dropped the bomb, informing us that they had just closed for the day. They’d open again for dinner in 3 hours, but unfortunately, we would be gone by then, en route to Venice.

Oh well… Next time, Dal Billy, next time!

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