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With my Canon attached to me at all times, I’m finding art in just about everything these days. I’ve been paying more attention to textures in nature and honing in on all the little details that often go unnoticed. When I started editing, I realized that these photos represent everything I love about San Diego. They’re the images I’d google before moving here – symbols of a carefree lifestyle drenched in zesty color. I like to think these collections speak for themselves, so expect to see more families like this enhanced with inspired playlists. Enjoy Punky Cali!

01  Light of the Morning | Band of Skulls
02  Echoes | The Rapture
03  Inhaler | Foals
04  Infinity Guitars | Sleigh Bells
05  Be Above It | Tame Impala
06  Vendela Vida | Dinosaur Feathers
07  Get Some | Lykke Li
08  Don’t Walk Away | Chromeo
09  Still Sound  | Toro Y Moi
10  Ambling Alp | Yeasayer


  • When did you move to San Diego? I was trying to move to LA, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon. But if I do get to move, San Diego was one of our options :)

    • I moved from Boston to SD about 9 years ago – can’t believe it’s been that long! Have you had a chance to visit yet? It’s kind of hard not to love this place ;)

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