tana gandhi


April showers bring May flowers. I’ve been loving the dark and rainy mornings here in Southern California. By noon time, skies are back to blue and the clouds are sulking away, all huddled together. Throughout the rest of the day, everything feels fresh, new, washed clean. Brisk breezes keep me wrapped up in a scarf, but I can tell that summer is just waiting to burst into bloom.

There couldn’t possibly be a better time to share this gorgeous ongoing series called “flowers and light” by the talented Tana Gandhi. Based in OC/LA, Tana is pursuing a creative career in wedding photography with Brandon Wong and is so kind enough to keep us in the loop – check out her refreshing blog, layered with several other inspiring themes like her “collections” and “five senses.”

Oh, and be sure to give Tana a follow on instagram for a daily dose of lovely :)

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