October 12, 2012

the jealous curator


My latest blog addiction is The Jealous Curator – “A collection of artwork that inspires & depresses me. I know it’s good when I’m left thinking DAMN I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT.” -Danielle Krysa

I fell in love the basic premise: acknowledging that guilty hint of jealousy that we, as artists, may feel when we come across some amazing artwork. I can totally relate as I’m (secretly) familiar with these fleeting thoughts of great inspiration, slightly tinted green with envy.

I believe it’s only a natural reaction. Honest. Harmless. Complimentary even. But I really love how The Jealous Curator just announces it! Freely admitting as she showcases her handpicked art finds based on who she’s “jealous” of that particular day. This playfulness removes any negative connotation and creates a down-to-earth environment, simply sharing and admiring creative talent.

Seasoned designer and Creative Director, Danielle Krysa recognizes and proves the power in blogging,

“I may not have actual gallery walls, but thanks to the internet I have all of the white space any curator could ever want… and there are no nail holes to fill!”

Clever. Cool. Innovative. The Jealous Curator’s brilliant vision inspires me to keep pushing my ideas further, build a fresh concept, and own it.

Originally starting this blog just for herself, Danielle was happily surprised with a flood of positive attention: guest posts and features, expanding into live galleries, and a book in the works. Her series of one-day workshops, The Girl Crush Tea Party sounds really fun, too. Celebrating women artists, sharing inspiration, and creating art together in a cool city… I’m 100% in. Definitely looking into a mini trip very soon!

  • Corinne Korda

    Hi Stacy,

    being absolutely jealous of the jealous curator myself, I enjoyed this post a lot. Thank you for sharing.



  • thelacquerie

    I know, isn’t she great? Thanks, Corrine!

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