March 19, 2014

throw pillows


My weakness lately has been throw pillows. I realize how ridiculous this sounds as I’m thinking out loud, but unfortunately, it’s true. I’m always on the hunt for new patterns and colors that will work with my style. Living in a very white and neutral apartment (sans the freedom to paint), I think it’s ok for me to get a little wild with accents and decor, don’t you? Bring on the bright, the loud, the fun. In pillow form, that is.

When layering pattern, I like to stick to a few simple rules that also apply to fashion in my book. Start with an oversized print as a jumping off point, mix in a couple smaller designs and balance everything out with something in between. But feel free to pair geometric patterns with florals, polka dots with stripes, etc. It’s all about experimenting and finding different ideas that just seem to mesh well, for reasons unknown. The reasons don’t actually matter, just follow your gut and indulge!

All sizes and textures are also invited. You don’t have to go nuts with prints, it’s just as effective to combine an array of pretty shades and materials. I personally like soft, fluffy pillows – textiles that are attractive, yet still comfortable. Since I’m not a millionaire, I try to buy items for the home that serve some purpose other than just decoration. There are literally endless options out there, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

These plushy pillow designs caught my eye while filling out our wedding registry ;) Which one is your favorite?

1 emily rickard | 2 mint scallop | 3 black& white eli | 4 gray pattern | 5 navy diamond | 6 peach ikat

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  • Sarah Wheeler

    Love these beauties! All such great picks + I love your rules to picking styles. :)

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