March 18, 2014

wedding : shoes


Let’s talk about shoes, wedding shoes in particular. I wouldn’t consider myself a real shoe lover, but shopping for the fanciest pair I’ll probably ever wear has been kinda fun. I didn’t think the shoes really mattered at first. I figured they’d be hiding under my dress and no one will even see them, but it’s too late now. I’ve fallen in love with these glammy Jimmy Choos and vintage Badgley Mischkas. I’ve even caught myself dreaming about that obligatory shoe pic that wedding photographers just can’t seem to get enough of.

Yes, I am a little nervous about falling flat on my face since I’m not used to wearing super tall heels, but I still have a few months to practice ;) Ideally, I’d like to find  an elegant style that is reasonable in height. I don’t want to be towering over anybody and of course, I’d like to keep the discomfort to a minimum. But if everything goes as planned, I’ll be kicking these bad boys off by the time I hit the dance floor anyway, so no need to worry. I would have already made my statement by then.

Not sure if you’ve gone wedding shoe shopping before, but I’m finding that there is a very thin line between sexy stilettos and tacky stripper shoes. My only advice is to use your best judgement and don’t let yourself get too carried away!

Art Decco  |  Flamenco  |  Dazzle  |  Blush  |  Trina  |  Lotus  |  Tory  |  Nikki  |  Vivian | Buzz

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  • ooh, those are so fun! i wore j.crew ballet flats to my wedding so i don’t have much experience to offer (heels terrify me!) but i absolutely love the blush/champagne-toned, beaded ones in your slideshow!

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